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Volume 19 - Page 11 of 11 May 8, 2000
The Calgary Stampede - The Calgary Stampede, Alberta, Canada July 6-10, 2000
The Stampede is not just wrangling and horseshoeing, its blacksmithing of all types.   Are YOU game for the
World Championship Creative Forging Competition?
Creative Forging, Phase One: This phase is designed to allow the blacksmith to show us what can be produced at home with unlimited time and resources. The piece may be of any design as long as it includes a minimum of five of the following techniques to be present in the work:

upsetting, flattening, bending, splitting, finishing, punching, drifting. twisting, chiseling

At least two of the following joining techniques must be present:

forge welding, riviting, collaring, wrapping, mortise & tenon

Contact Information:

Att: Allison Wright Calgary Exhibition & Stampede, Ag. Dept.
Box 1060, Station M
Calgary, AB
(403) 261-0114    1-800-661-1260
Schedule: Thursday - Monday, July 6 - 10, 2000

BIG TOP  8:00 am
World Championship Blacksmiths'

Creative Forging, Phase Three has a time limit of one hour. The assignement consists of making a creative piece using the three pieces of bar stock provided.
  • 16" (406 mm) of 5/8" (16 mm) square bar
  • 16" (406 mm) of 3/8" (9.5 mm) round bar
  • 16" (406 mm) of 1/4" x 2" (6 x 50 mm) flat stock
No other outside materials may be added (ie. rivits).

The completed piece must have a minimum of five of the following techniques in the work:

forge welding, upsetting, flattening, bending, splitting, finishing, drawing out, punching, drifting, twisting, chiseling.

A striker may be used in phase three of the the Creative Forging Class. Duties of a striker are and their participation are limited to:

tending the fire, striking with the sledge hammer, rasping, cutting barstock, placing barstock in and out of the fire, handling it to the blacksmith. Strikers are not permitted to hold the item with the tongs and to hammer on it at the same time.


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