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Edition 37 - Page 12 of 13 Febrero, 2005
Costa Rica Blacksmithing
Molly's Vacation
Photo by Molly Dempsey La Paz waterfall Seen from road to Poas from Venacia near waterfall gardens Photo by Molly Dempsey La Paz Waterfall From a little roadside soda. This is a different fall of the same river to the left.
Photo by Jock Dempsey 2004   The view above was photographed from a little roadside soda built precariously between the road and near vertical drop to the river below.

On the back porch overhanging the cliffside they feed hummingbirds. Costa Rica has some 14 varieties and at least half or more swarm around the feeders here.

The hummingbirds range from sky blue to deep purple as well as with black and white stripes. They are larger than our North American varieties that migrate to Mexico for the winter.
Rio Vieja Gorge

The drop to the river is much farther than it appears in the photo graphs. From the bridge to the river is at least 400 to 500 feet. When you cross this bridge as many others in Costa Rica the jungle hides the river and you have no clue just how high you are.
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Costa Rica
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