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International Ceramics Products Machinery Sales

Two Kuhn Power Hammers

NEW Power Hammers SOLD

These hammers have been hiding in a warehouse for decades. There are two each. They are new and have been kept stored indoors on their original pallets. Other than a little superficial rust on bare metal surfaces they are in perfect condition. These hammers require a plinth ot riser base for stand up operation.

The Kuhn hammers are well known as the best of the small self contained hammers and provide years of trouble free service. Kuhn hammers were sold in the United Staes by Centaur Forge for over 30 years. These are the highly sought after early model Kuhns. They don't make them like this any more.

(1) KB1 Kuhn Hammer SOLD!

(1) K24/53 KLH53 Kuhn Hammer SOLD!

KUHN HAMMERS Model KB-1 Model K24/53
Ram Weight 75 lbs. (34 kg) 110 lbs. (50 kg)
Max Clearance 8" (200 mm) 8" (200 mm)
Motor HP (3PH) 5.5 HP 7.5 HP
Blow Rate 220 min. 220 min.
Anvil Weight Est 530 (240 kg) 717 lbs. (325 kg)
Anvil / Ratio Est 7:1 6.5:1
Length 49" (1245 mm) 47" (1294 mm)
Width 22" (560 mm) 33" (840 mm)
Height 50" (1270 mm) 57" (1450 mm)
Weight 1110 lbs. (500 kg) 1962 lbs. (890 kg)
The information above from best reliable sources and may contain minor errors. Conversions and anvil ratio by author. - jdd

Kuhn Pwoer Hammer KB-1 KUHN Power Hammer

Photo from 1997 showing optional base.

Extra dies are available with these machines. More details to be posted later.

Contact Bruce Wallace at United Forging Hammers

for more information.

( 2 ) W.MEITINGER & Sohn hammers
Popular Gernam Federhammer or spring hammers. Advertising image, specifications, photos. AKA Cyclops.

Click thumbnail for details

See anvilfire MACHINERY Tailgate Sales for more.

The above machinery is offered by an independent dealer not through is only responsible for making this listing available to the public and does not control the terms or availability of the listed items. Please contact the dealer for details.

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