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The NEW Air hammers

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Old Blue
In the last few years a crop of NEW low cost power hammers has come on the market. Prior to the availability of these machines your choice for a new machine was limited to the Kuhn (formerly Rieter) and Chambersburg. Otherwise there were the used hammers such as Nazel and Bement or a mechanical hammer like the Little Giant.

In order to find a way to compare this group of machines we start by using price per pound and installed price per pound. Then we look at the power of the hammers and determine the "bang for the buck". To be fair to the self contained Kuhn hammer the final cost of the other hammers includes air compressors. Installed weight includes add on bases and frame fill (sand) but not concrete foundations. Installed price includes shipping, air compressors and foundation expense when required. We will discuss the differences between the five machines and I will give my personal opinion of them. However, we have not had an oportunity to use all of these machines nor is a performance report within our means.

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NOTE: Since writing this we have found the correct stroke for the KA-75 and believe the stroke of the Old Blue to be longer also. Will update in near future.

We have also been asked about the Sahinler self contained air hammers. This article was intended to be a review of the new low cost air hammers and the Chambersburg and the Kuhn were selected for comparison purposes. These were selected because we had technical data on hand (Centaur Forge being an advertiser didn't hurt either).

We have also just become aware of the Trip Air, another Ron Kinyon style hammer. We contacted Trip Air and were told that all the information they give out is on their information sheet (as published in the Anvil's Ring). We DID manage to get anvil weight and total stroke and will try to include them in the comparison.

Trip air kept pointing me to the Anvil's Ring article that ran several issues back and which I haven't seen. Wake up folks! More people in EVERY field now use the Internet to find information than those that get member specific publications!
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