The Slacktub-Pub II

The NEW Slacktub-Pub runs on entirely different technology than the original. It runs on AJAX-Chat by Sebastian Tschan The new pub runs on AJAX (a system of background Javascript calls to the server) and a MySQL database. It is very smart, very lean software that is very efficient. Unlike the old Free Chat it does not refresh the entire chat over and over. When there is a change, it gets the posts that have changed and no more. Using a continuous connection to the server it is nearly instantaneous. Others see your message as fast as you do!

Features Besides being FAST, the new Slacktub-Pub has all the modern features including a menu of typed functions (under help), a wide range of emoticons, linking images, use of different languages and the ability to have multiple "rooms" or channels. Because we consider private on-line rooms to be a danger to children we do not allow their use except for Admins.

LOGs The Slacktub-Pub maintains a 90 day history (can be more) in the database and displays the most recent 100 entries when you log in. We increased this from 20 so it would be similar to our old "log" feature where you could catch up. Admins can view the entire log.

View To increase the "view" simply toggle the On-line Users or Help list off (icons at lower right).

Posts are limited to 1040 characters in a single posting. This is three good long paragraphs. The stats on the post size are displayed next to the SUBMIT button.

Images may be posted into the chat but to so MUST be hosted somewhere on the web where a link will find them. Post your images to your site, an image hosting site, or elsewhere. Then while viewing the on-line image right click and select "Copy location". Then paste it (CTRL-V) between the [img]{/img] tags.

The Bartender (Chatbot) is customized for our use. He doesn't like curse words and will occasionally make a quip or comment about something someone says.


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