The Slacktub-Pub II Rules

The NEW Slacktub-Pub has the same basic rules as the previous.

The Slack-Tub Pub is a family forum. Although designed for blacksmiths and metalworkers it is both an international and public forum. As such we request that you act in a civil manner and use clean language. Sadly we must remind a few:

We do not tolerate racial, ethnic or religious slurs or epithet.

Language or remarks that denigrate or belittle people on the basis of religion, race, skin color or sexual orientation have no place in our forum.

Abusers will be asked to leave and their access privileges revoked.


Images may NOT be pornographic, sexist or racist in nature.

Links may not be to illegal or pornographic sites.

SPAM links will be removed and are cause for banning from ALL our forums.

Admins and Moderators have the power to kick our OR ban users for infractions of these rules

The Bartender (Chatbot) is customized for our use. He doesn't like curse words and will tell you so. If the Bartender has to remind you about language too many times you may be banned.


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