Statistics - April 6, 2011 to  December 17, 2017
Category Page Quantity of Items Page Visits
  N/A     489,103 
Antiques  11    38,045 
Blacksmith Tools  52    326,236 
Blacksmith Related  16    33,686 
Craft Products  1    12,346 
Machinery  10    91,548 
Miscellaneous  3    18,632 
Scrap & Junk  5    23,388 
Shop Tools  4    33,822 
Services (05/18/2011)  1    4,125 
Welding Equipment  1    15,788 
TOTAL  1,086,719 
Quantity of Items are not an exact count. They are based on file size and an average size posting. We will adjust this based on experience.

Page Visits are based on our page counters. If a user visits a page 20 times in a day checking his listing or looking for new items that days visits this will only count as ONE visit if the user does not shut down their browser. Typically these are much lower than reports of pages served and 30% lower than Google Analytics page views, but very close to their "unique" visits.