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358# mid 1800’s Old English Anvil
This is an unusual anvil because of its age, size and overall excellent condition. Typically anvils of this age (150 years old plus) are much smaller and in nasty, rough condition because of the use they’ve seen over their presumed history. But, this is a survivor and an exception to the rule. We have looked closely for distinctive markings or clues of the manufacturer but we could not come to a definitive conclusion. One thing is certain - it’s a mid 1800’s Old English style Anvil and it has all the distinguishing characteristics of a typical Mousehole of that era minus the name.

If you’ve been looking for that right Old English Anvil to complete a time period shop, perhaps you’re a collector or someone who can appreciate old world charm and craftsmanship at its best -this is a true find.

This anvil offers a large 100% flat working face, square corners (very unusually for its age), nice horn and step with a mellow low tone ring and outstanding rebound. Shows hardly any signs of use with one small nick on one edge. This would be considered an exceptionally nice anvil at any age. A pervious owner must have valued this anvil because it was pin stripped at one time. Offered the way we found it with nothing to hide. NO repairs, torch or grinding marks. No charge for the accumulated character (dirt) it’s collected over the years, cleaning extra.

Shipping charges are the responsibility of the purchaser. No hidden costs applied. Purchaser only pays actually charges. We get a 40% discount with the freight company we us that we pass on to our customers or own arrangements can be made.

Pictures available upon request, reasonably priced at $2.25 per pound.

- Sunday, 06/25/06 19:40:53 EDT

Listing items
I have been asked if this sight is still active. YES IT IS! It has just been inactive due to the fact we have been busy with shop work and trying to stay ahead. During our hiatus we have been putting together items to list. Please check back and we’ll have more interesting stuff in the near future.

- Sunday, 06/04/06 12:56:16 EDT

308# Hay Budden
Used not abused large all steel top Hay-Budden shop anvil. The manufacturers logo on this anvil is not clearly marked but other markings prove with out doubt this is a Hay-Budden. It has the inspection mark under the horn (#4), serial number (left side of the front foot), weight (308Lb.) and handling holes typically found on all Hay-Buddens of this vintage. If you’re a collector or perhaps someone looking for a lawn ornament Hay-Budden with a clear manufacturers mark - this is not the anvil for you. However, if you’re interested in a larger shop anvil to use this might be for you. This anvil offers a large working face, nice horn and step with a mild ring and good rebound. Shows signs of use (not abuse) and its age with some SLIGHTLY nicked edges, otherwise a good usable anvil that we’ve used in our shop. NO repairs, torch or grinding marks. Offered the way we used it with nothing to hide. The imperfections on the edges are smaller then 1/8” to 3/16” and could be easily radiuses or dressed up by the new owner to suit their particular needs. There are still plenty of square edges and the slight imperfections never hindered up from using this anvil the way it is. We never found a need to do anything to it other than use it. No charge for the shop dirt. Cleaning extra. Pictures available upon request, reasonably priced.

- Sunday, 06/04/06 12:48:58 EDT

Nazel 5B
Late model heavy-duty Nazel 5B self-contained air hammer in excellent condition. Very clean with low hours, 100% ready for work with a 25 horsepower, 3 phase dual (220/440) voltage motor. Complete with dies, motor starter, foundation plan and foundation timbers. Buy in confidence that this hammer has been completely checked and we’ll guarantee it to be free of defects. We are so confident in its performance we’re offering it with a 30-day money back guarantee if not satisfied. Contact us for pictures, further details and terms. Please, serious inquiries only - no tire kickers. Asking price $9,495 $6,500 or best offer. No reasonable offer refused. This hammer is currently in our warehouse and the price given includes all rigging and loading charges


- Thursday, 09/05/02 19:55:42 GMT

SOLD!  300# Paragon Shop Anvil
Used all steel high quality Swedish anvil in good condition. Very close to being 100% flat. Square corners with no missing or chipped pieces knocked off the face or horn. NO repairs. Nice size for those larger jobs. Mild ring and good rebound. Plenty of years of good service remain. Asking price $565.00. Pictures and further details upon request.

- Wednesday, 05/08/02 19:59:48 GMT

SOLD!  361# Large Shop Anvil
Used but never abused large Peter Wright shop anvil. Marked in old English hundredweight at 361 Lbs. This anvil offers large working surfaces with a nice mild ring and good rebound. Show signs of its age with some SLIGHT imperfections and chipping. Other wise a good usable anvil. NO repairs, offered the way we found it with nothing to hide. Pictures upon request, reasonably price at less then $2.00 per Lb.

- Thursday, 02/07/02 16:30:55 GMT

SOLD!  Large Coal Forge
Shop coal forge with large cast iron firepot. Complete with 110-volt electric blower and rheostat. This forge is currently hooked up and is surplus equipment from a working blacksmith shop. No defect or broken parts. Pictures and further detail available upon request, asking price $480.00.

- Tuesday, 12/11/01 23:55:36 GMT

SOLD!  245# Paragon Anvil
One-piece all steel high quality Swedish anvil. Used but never abused. Flat with square corners and some slightly rounded edges. NO repair. At 245 pounds this is the right size anvil for those heavier projects. Nice ring and good rebound. Very good condition and plenty of years of good service remain in this anvil. Priced to sell for $475.00. This item is surplus equipment from working blacksmith shop. Pictures and further details upon request.

- Tuesday, 12/11/01 22:29:35 GMT

SOLD!  50# Little Giant
Fifty Pound Little Giant with wrap around guides. New single-phase motor, mounted with all manufactures hardware and recommended drive components. This hammer has also been tuned up with a new spring and upgraded with a second tension-adjusting knuckle. These upgrades have made drastic improvements to the hammers all around performance. The improvements have made this a very well mannered good running machine with better then average control. The hammer is currently hooked up and can be seen running. The current owner has only found it necessary to sell because existing workload requires a larger hammer. Offered complete and ready for work with no defect or broken parts. Pictures and further detail available upon request, asking price $2750.00 OBO. No reasonable offer refused.

- Friday, 11/30/01 16:22:42 GMT

SOLD!  6-1/4" Forged Leg Vise
6-1/4" forged heavy-duty leg vise, in very good to excellent condition. The jaws close tight, square and parallel. Complete with all mounting hardware, spring and some accumulated shop grime. Asking price $265.00, cleaning extra. Pictures available upon request.

- Friday, 11/16/01 13:01:05 GMT

5' x 5' Platen
5' X 5' Weld Platen with 1-1/4" square holes. This is a very heavy casting in good to fair condition. No legs of accessories $685.00. Other details and photo upon request.

- Sunday, 07/08/01 23:05:50 GMT

250# Air/Steam Hammer
250 lb. Niles-Bement-Pond Air/Steam Hammer. This hammer was running when it was taken out of service from a coalmine in Pennsylvania a few years ago. It has been sitting in storage un-used and it has accumulated some rust. It needs some TLC and a new owner who can appreciate what a nice hammer it is. N-B-P was perhaps better known for their larger (1,000 lb. and above) hammers. The 250 lb. model was the smallest hammer they made and the only one that offered a hand lever and foot treadle. N-B-P was one of the better-built air/steam hammers available and the choice for most open die industrial forge shops. They are very robust and have better control than most other brands of hammers of the same type. Being sold complete with a (250 gallon) large air tank. Asking price $3,250.00.

- Friday, 07/06/01 02:53:56 GMT

SOLD!  356# Wilkinson Anvil
Large Wilkinson anvil marked 356 pounds in old English hundredweight. Wilkinson’s was the one of the nicest and rarer of the English anvils imported to the US. Their attention to detail and finish was unsurpassed by any other manufacture. The face on this anvil is flat and large (5-1/2” x 21-1/2”) with no sag but the edges do have some slight imperfections and chipping. Because of the anvils face size the blemishes shouldn’t be a problem. They could easily be worked around, redressed or just left alone and used the way it is. There are still plenty square usable edges and good work surface remaining. This is an all around nice forged wrought iron shop anvil with the exception of some accumulated rust. Offered the way we found it at a bargain price. Pictures upon request asking price $685.00. No charge for the rust, cleaning extra.

- Friday, 06/29/01 02:46:37 GMT

SOLD!  25# Little Giant Hammer
Later model 25# Little Giant hammer with adjustable wrap around cast iron guides and sow block. The main bearings still have plenty of room for adjustment and are tight along with all linkages. Offered complete with a new 1hp dual (110/220) voltage single phase motor with starter and extra dies. This is an all around very nice hammer that needs nothing but a power source to plug it in to. Pictures available upon request, asking price $2950.00.

- Wednesday, 06/27/01 14:01:13 GMT

SOLD!  Nazel 3B One-Piece Hammer
Nazel all cast steel one-piece air hammer in excellent condition. The hammer has been completely gone over and checked out by a factory representative. It’s certified 100% complete and ready for work. It qualifies for a 30-day money back guarantee if not satisfied. Contact us for pictures and further details. Please, serious inquiries only.

- Sunday, 05/13/01 15:44:52 GMT

SOLD!  Peter Wright 144# Anvil
144# Peter Wright Anvil with a flat face, nice step, horn and square edges. In good usable condition, except for some chipping on the far working side with the horn to your left. Nothing that couldn't be worked around or would stop anyone from using it. This anvil would be ideal for a beginner or someone just looking for a decent anvil at a fair price. Priced at less than $2.00 per pound - it’s a good value. It will give plenty of years of good service and if not abused, it will never be worth less. Nice ring and good rebound. As usual, NO repairs. Pictures and further details upon request $275.00

- Friday, 04/13/01 22:45:25 GMT

SOLD!  350# Hay-Budden
Good (not perfect) usable condition early built up model 350# Hay-Budden. Its edges are square with hardly any rounding or chipping. There is a slight sag to its face and some other minor imperfections. NO repairs, offered the way we found it with nothing to hide. An all around nice and sometimes hard to find larger anvil. Further details and pictures upon request.

- Tuesday, 11/21/00 04:57:38 GMT

Hammer Dies
Rough cut FX-XTRA, annealed (machinable) hammer die blanks to order and size. Call for details and pricing.

- Friday, 08/18/00 12:56:43 GMT

SOLD!  128# William Foster Anvil
Typical old English style 128# William Foster anvil manufactured in 1854. This is a fine example of an earlier multi-piece anvil with a hardie and pitchel hole. It’s easily seen how the feet, horn and heel were forge-welded to the body. The name weight and date are clearly stamped. The face is free of any sag but the edges do have some dings and chips. The steel faceplate is still firmly welded to the body offering good rebound and nice mild ring. The over all condition is good considering the anvil is almost 150 years old. Offered the way we found it with nothing to hide. Would make a nice addition to any shop, collector or to someone who does reenactments or demonstrates and needs an anvil historically or period correct. Pictures available upon request asking price $225.00.

- Friday, 04/06/01 21:48:28 GMT

SOLD!  276# Peter Wright Shop Anvil
276# Peter Wright anvil in good condition. Square edges except for some minor chipping located on the non-work surface back towards the heel. The face has a slight sag and is not 100% flat. NO repairs, offered the way we found it with nothing to hide. An all around nice usable shop anvil. Further details and pictures upon request. Asking price is $648.60 or $2.35 per pound.

- Friday, 02/23/01 14:48:59 GMT

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