Making "Falcipieri"

An anvil making project by BurntForge

This is a simple and elegant DIY anvil. It is not amatuerish as many are and some money was spent in its making. A machinist was paid to turn the conical horn and a professional welder to assemble it using high penetration high strength rods.

There is no waste in this anvil. Where others would have cut crescents out of the base to make seperate feet the material has been left as-is. This keeps the weight as high as possible.

Patience and luck were also involved in the making of this anvil. The maker had spent years collecting heavy pieces of steel, which is often a matter of luck. It was also luck that the top piece turned out to be type 1070 high carbon steel. The anvil is made from two large pieces of steel, the horn cut off the body, machined and then welded back on.

It was welded at 550 amps for deep penetration. The anvil has a ring like the bells of St. Mary's. It has a nice rebound comparable to an early Mousehole anvil. The anvil weighs 128 lbs. The horn is pinned and has a supporting weld.

The overall length is 24 1/2", 17 3/4" long face including tapered horn, 4" wide face, 4" x 6 3/4" conical horn, 8 1/2" tapered horn that is 1" wide at the tip, 1" HH & PH hole, 4 1/4" high body with 2 8/8" base, total height 6 7/8", 7 1/8" wide x 0 1/4" long base.

The base also acts as a upsetting block. Instead of a side horn I decided I will make a bridge hardie.

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