Atli & Tadgh Make a Helm
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So, Tadgh needed a helm for Anglo-Saxon Camp reenactments. Now armor does two very important things:

It keeps the insides in, and the outsides out. . .

Helmet of St. Wencelslaus (died 935); (Prague Cathedral), p. 33
English Weapons & Warfare 449-1660 A.V.B. Norman and Don Pottinger

p.17, Saxon helmet excavated from a grave at Benty Grange, Derbyshire (Sheffield Museum)
Photo A - (l-r) "Field expedient" stake mounted vertically; cannon ball stake; deep dishing stump with foot piece; shallow dishing stump with foot piece dogged to anvil.

Photo B - (f-b) Deep dishing stump and foot board; shallow dishing stump; metal dishing form with hardy fitting.

Photo C - (f-b) “Portable” post vise; stake, cannon ball etc.

Photo D - Another view of the "portable" post vise. Hammering down the 1 ½" rebar, single-handed with a twelve pound sledge, was lots of single-handed fun!

Photo E - Another view, showing the vise and the "L" extension of the "field expedient" stake.

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Atli and Tadgh Make a Helm
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