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We get a lot of questions about armor at anvilfire. Probably more questions about swords than any other. We have now posted our first sword article and promise more in the near future.

Sword Making, Gen X
Article in progress for those who ask "How do I make a sword?"
Bibliography : Sword Making Resources

Swords of Iron, Swords of Steel (Part 1)
By Bruce "Atli" Blackistone. Now with complete bibliography.

Anglo-Saxon spearpoints (Spears Part I)
iForge demo by Bruce "Atli" Blackistone

Alternative spear making methods (Spears Part II)
iForge demo by Bruce "Atli" Blackistone

Raising a Norman Helmet
By Eric Thing: Step by step raising of a one piece steel "pot" helm. Includes everything from the raising process and necessary tools to polishing and fiting a liner.

Eric Thing Armorer Part I: The Tools
By Bruce "Atli" Blackistone: Article about Eric Thing and his unique Arizona Armory.

Eric Thing Armorer Part II: The Method
By Bruce "Atli" Blackistone: Eric Thing demonstrating raising a helm. This article is the precursor to the detailed step by step article above by Eric.

Atli and Tadgh Make a Helm
By Bruce "Atli" Blackistone: Atli and Tadgh Make a Helm in the style of a mid to late 8th Century Coppergate helm. This is a relatively low tech pieced helmet of a style suitable for the amature to make.

Atli and Tadgh - Addendum, Source and Tools
Historical helmets, Atli's shop and tools

16th century armoury
Old Engraving. The anvil bench of 16th century armourer Conrad Seusenhofer.

Various armorer and repousse' tools.

WV Armour-In   NEWS 2003   NEWS 2004
Parkersburg, West Virginia.

Mitten Gauntlet
Mitten gauntlet pattern by Alan Bauldree

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