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Bill Miller, passed away recently but left an incredible legacy. He was a driving force in the CBA and is responsible for the formation of the Orange County Blacksmith Guild (that I attend). He financed the building and many tools. It was dedicated in his honor shortly before he died. As an aside, he wrote a book in 1944 "Piping Layout and Fabrication Simplified" that has all the formulas for making bends etc. Maybe you have a copy. He wrote:

From the iron age to the space age, the blacksmith did it.

He also wrote this to accompany it-

When the first blacksmith began hammering on a hot piece of iron little did he know how he was shaping the future. He forged the tools that made the machines that produce everything mankind has today. The blacksmith was the pioneer of the technology that carried mankind from the iron age to the space age. It can truly be said that the first rocket to the moon was virtually launched from the face of the anvil.

The Old Striker
Bill Miller

From the Iron Age to the Space Age, the Blacksmith started it all.