MEC at Oconee

MEC at Oconee photo by Jock Dempsey
This is the first set of reactor coolant pump repair equipment delivered to a nuclear power plant by Mechanical Equipment Company of Rustburg, VA.

The equipment was designed to disassemble and repair the large 10,000 HP primary coolant pumps including machining the main flange gasket grooves. The equipment handled the pumps and provided shielding so that workers could do their jobs without high doses of radiation.

This machinery was pump specific and fit two different plants. Sets of machinery was designed and built for other types of pumps and has been used to inspect and repair dozens of pumps.

Jock Dempsey designed the Upender and Disassembly Device as well as the Resurfacing Machine's feed transmission and electronic controls. Later machines had numeric controls and a stepper transmission for variable feed rates.

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