*** NOTES ***

  • The following notes compare the HTML version with the original printed text:-

    whats lost
    Each page of the original text had at its top the page number, a single line of text in capitals, that described the main topic of that page, and split between left and right pages the chapter number.
    diphthongs such as æ have been expanded to ae.
    and whats retained
    Italic text has been preserved, as have é ü etc.
    plus things I've changed
    Use of the degree sign has been replaced with the word deg
    The order of the HTML document differs somwhat from the original printed text ie...
    (1) I have reduced the contents pages to just a list of chapters, distributing the main topic headings to the start of the text for the appropriate chapter.
    (2) The illustration of the Dannemora Iron Mine has been placed in its proper position, page 288, as given in the list of illustrations. In the edition I used it incorrectly appeared in the wrong chapter at page 272!
    (3) The drawing of "The Antiquarian" was originally placed at the beginning of the chapter describing the Sun-ray origin of the pyramids, and listed in the list of illustrations as such,facing page 432. As this seemed to me totally out of context, it is also not mentioned in the text. I have moved it into chapter 18, where he discusses his other similar drawings.
    As the HTML footnote tag was not supported by my web viewer, or generally available. I have placed the footnotes (if large) within the text, or (if short) displayed as a #anchor. Example#
    plates and diagrams
    The black and white engravings and diagrams where hand scanned in at 300dpi in either 16 greyscales or B&W. Scaled 2:1, then a further 4:1 for the thumb nail images.
    Exceptions to this where p19 and p384 which were first scaled 3:2 to improve the readability of the text within the image.
    the index
    About a third of the entries in original index gave only a list of page numbers, eg:-
    Douglass, George 114,173,211.
    I have expanded these with my own interpretations of content...
    Typographical errors in the original text.
    The following mistakes were found with the printed version of the text, and have been corrected as shown:-

    Chapter 16, page282 Brunow has been corrected to have two n's

    Chapter 19, page349 The 2nd 'my' in 'My own business engagements at home prevented my accompanying' has been changed to 'me'.

    Typographical errors in the original index
    The following mistakes were found within the printed version of the index, and have been corrected as shown:-

    Casting specula,shows Herschel,170....should be page 374..(at page 170 it is shown to Maudslay)

    Creuzot Ironworks,331.........should be page 241

    Edinburgh, club life,34,47....page 34 is ok, the second entry could refer to page 100, which is what I've changed it to.

    Schneider, M., Creuzot,331....should be page 241

    Smith,Tom ,9,21...............should be page 92

    Speculum casting,shown to J Herschel.170...should be page 374..(at page 170 it is shown to Maudslay)

    Hstory of the HTML version

    1995, April-July
    OCR, spell checking and proof reading.
    1995, July
    Release 1, limited to a few people to check it out.
    1995, Sept
    Release 2, a few changes/additions made. "Astro" chapters released to Starbase1 BBS and AstroDen BBS here in the UK.
    1995, Oct
    Release 3, For putting on DataText's Web site, the number of seperate files has been reduced, eg:- footnotes inserted into the main text, etc.

    July 12, 2001
    anvilfire 1, Added META TAGS with title and description to all pages, edited custom keyword lists, posted on anvilfire.

    August 21, 2001
    anvilfire 2, Added TABLE formating for standard 600 width, local Page counters and copyright notice (for this version). Corrected HTML, notably the anchor tags. Also added image of book to index. Added navigation bar to frameset.

    August 4, 2003
    anvilfire 3, Restored 4 images missing from the available digital copy. Images were scanned from an 1883 New York edition (p83, p141, p174, p440b) and saved as JPEG's.

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