1. This forge is dedicated to St. Eloi.

  2. We don't shoe horses.

  3. Shirts and shoes required, other safety equipment as needed.

  4. Do not crowd the forge. Stand clear of hot work and active machinery.

  5. Assume all work pieces are at "black heat".
    Do not pick them up, they will burn!
    Assume all cutting tools are razor sharp, if not, sharpen them.
    Assume all active machinery wants to slice, dice, mash or otherwise mangle portions of your body as a reward for not paying attention.

  6. Your safety is your responsibility; use common sense at all times.

  7. If you don't know how a tool is used, ask.
    Do not use the wrong tool for the wrong job.

  8. If you take something out, put it away.

  9. If you break it, tell me.

  10. If you borrow it, tell me.

  11. If you want to use some scrap, ask me. (It may not be scrap!)

  12. Fire out, check cylinders, lights out, lock up when finished.

Copyright © 2001 Jim Wilson,

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