Qayin (Cain/Kain) - properly Q’ayin - has often been called the ‘first Mr Smith’ because the term qayin also means ‘smith’, as in metalsmith, or more precisely as in blade-smith, a required skill (or kenning = knowing) of the early kings of Mesopotamia. In this respect, his given name (Cain) in the Book of Genesis in the Bible, is a descriptive appellation rather than a real personal name.

In the alchemical tradition he was indeed a qayin - an artificer of metals of the highest order, as were his descendants, particularly Tubal-Cain (Genesis 4:22) who is revered in scientific Freemasonry. Tubal-Cain was the great Vulcan of the era, the holder of Plutonic theory (knowledge of the actions of internal heat) and was, therefore, the prominent alchemist.

Qayin’s heritage was that of the ancient Sumerian metallurgists and the supreme Master of the Craft was Qayin’s father Enki, described as ‘the manifestation of knowledge, and the craftsman par excellence, who drives out the evil demons who attack mankind.’

The alchemical pursuits of this family were of the utmost significance to their history, and for mankind.

Reference: Genesis of the Grail Kings
by Laurence Gardner, Bantam Press 1999

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