Big BLU NC-ABANA 2007 Hammer-In
Full event takes hours to run

Log starts at bottom:
2256 640x480 Images were taken at this hammer-in 10 second intervals.

Except for the last minute 'save" by Dick Snow of Datalytics, Inc., Durham, NC who repaired our network cable we would not have been on line. THANKS Dick!

Sunday, 03/18/07 12:50:17 EST
Winding down folks been a good day. The end.
Saturday, 03/17/07 15:12:57 EST
The demo continues:
Saturday, 03/17/07 14:40:25 EST
Johnny Kierbo: Making twisted Damascus. Welding with 20 Mule Team Borax.
Saturday, 03/17/07 13:46:49 EST
Jimmy Aleander NC-ABANA running iron in the hat. Demos should start again in about 20 minutes.
Saturday, 03/17/07 13:10:41 EST
More Demos after Iron in the Hat:
Saturday, 03/17/07 12:55:32 EST
Firehouse 62 Catering : provided lunch for $5 a head. Good deal, good food.

John Elliot and his wife are here with the Blacksmith Supply van sell a little bit of everything.
Saturday, 03/17/07 12:16:55 EST
Iron in the Hat:
Saturday, 03/17/07 11:44:36 EST
Lunch: More demos shortly.

We will be LIVE on line all after noon.
Saturday, 03/17/07 11:40:18 EST
Heading the spike:
Saturday, 03/17/07 11:35:11 EST
Attending, nearly 200!

The free form shape gate is tough to hold in the vise while riveting.
Saturday, 03/17/07 11:24:57 EST
After Lunch: Johnny Kierbow will demonstrate. Stll coming, group striking on the spike. Volunteers helping!
Saturday, 03/17/07 11:21:47 EST
The gate is coming together :
Saturday, 03/17/07 11:20:06 EST
Heating Rivets with torch :
Saturday, 03/17/07 11:18:50 EST
Forging the spike taper:
Saturday, 03/17/07 11:15:04 EST
The Gate Fitting on the floor :
Saturday, 03/17/07 11:04:19 EST
Now: Hand forging a stock rest for the forge.
Saturday, 03/17/07 11:00:29 EST
Coming Up:

Forging a BIG spike and team striking to upset the head.
Saturday, 03/17/07 10:59:17 EST
Forging : Bending forging punching..... lots going on!
Saturday, 03/17/07 10:45:43 EST
Bending :
Saturday, 03/17/07 10:35:09 EST
A Rose Bud torch will be used fo a local heat. Deans is on an economizer valve so it is always handy.
Saturday, 03/17/07 10:21:59 EST
Several Pieces are bing worked on at once by two teams.
Saturday, 03/17/07 10:20:21 EST
Lots of Team Striking :
Saturday, 03/17/07 10:10:12 EST
Dean and Company are making a heavy garden gate this morning
Saturday, 03/17/07 09:56:32 EST
Two man Power Hammer Forging :
Saturday, 03/17/07 09:46:32 EST
The Demonstration : is being put on by the Big BLU crew. The scheduled demonstrator Amit Har-lev couldn't Make it due to airline ticket difficulties.
Saturday, 03/17/07 09:44:11 EST
Saturday, 03/17/07 09:41:39 EST
Schedule: I am late leaving so tonights test at Big BLU will not start until about 6:30-7:30pm EDT
Friday, 03/16/07 15:03:53 EST
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Friday, 03/16/07 15:02:14 EST
NEW: Big BLU Hammer-In test.
March 16, 2007
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