Sunrise 2000

The first sunrise of the new Millennium will occur in the mid Pacific Ocean at the international dateline. The first people to see the first sunrise of the Millennia will be those living on Tonga Island or thereabouts. The first significant land masses to see the new era will be New Zealand and Siberia. It is winter in Siberia (brrrr) and we just happen to have an AnvilCAM correspondent in New Zealand, so that is where we will be net-casting the first sunrise pictures.

Sunrise in New Zealand is at 6:06 (local time) AND they are a day ahead of the US. Sooooo, In Europe and the Americas we will be seeing the first sunrise on Friday from New Zealand at:

  • 7:06pm Greenwich England on Dec. 31st, 1999
  • 1:06pm Atlantic (in Nova Scotia)
  • 12:06 noon Eastern, Americas
  • 11:06 Central
  • 10:06 Mountain
  • 9:06am Pacific.
This was all contingent on Kiwi, Y2K glitches (real or imaginary) and the weather. Happy NEW YEAR!
Well, the weather was lousy but cleared up just a little after the actual sunrise. We netcast video feed all night long from NZ news broadcasts from around the world. We didn't have very many viewers but it was a lot of fun and a great experiment!