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This is a simple search. It will help to reduce random searching. However, it doesn't exclude information in the head of the document like the TITLE which has the word "anvil" in anvilfire and our key word lists that are very general. A search on "anvil" will return ALL the archives. Search words will also be found from the entire document not in a group or sentence.

This search is limited to the guru, Hammer-In and What's New archives only.


Preceding a search term with B> and no space will find the first word of BOLD headings used by the guru. Using ALL CAPS and turning on Case=Sensitive will find ALL CAPS headings used by the guru in the early archives. EXAMPLE:

Query = B>Punch PUNCH
Boolean = OR   Case = Sensitive
Will return all bold and all ALLCAPS headings using the work "punch". This will greatly restrict your search for better results. Our test retuned 8 files rather than over 100 using this particular search.

When you have done your search and loaded an archive you can use your browser's search function. Click on the archive frame, then press CTRL-F (for FIND). Type in your text and press enter.

Note that some browser searches are an "exact match" search, "anvil" will not find "anvilfire". Multiple words must be together in a sentence, not spread throughout the document and it may be case sensitive.

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