International Glossary : Chart II 
Blacksmithing and Metalworking Terms 
Definitions of words as used in metalworking 

Under construction as time allows. As glossaries are written in each language this index will link to them.

These translations are by professional and amateur blacksmiths and metalworkers that have a working knowledge of the tools and their language. They are not linguists. The translations may not be perfect but they are better than machine translations or translations by people unfamiliar with the tools. Submissions comments and corrections welcome.

Chart I
English, French, German Italian, Spanish and Swedish.
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English   Latin   German  Holländisch   Afrikaans  Portuguese Hungarian
anvil incus (der) Amboß aanbeeld aambeeld batente,
stake anvil or
bellows   Bälge (plural) blaasbalg blaasbalk foles fujtato
blacksmith ferrarius (der) Schmied smid smid ferrarius patrokolokovacs
charcoal   (die) Holzkohle houtskool houtskool   faszen
carbon       koolstof    
chisel scalprum (der) Meißel beitel beitel    
chimney       skoorsteen    
drill     boor boor    
drill press
(standing drill)
  (die) Tischbohrmaschine boormachine staanboor    
twist drill     spiraalboren      
fire ignis (das) Feuer vuur vuur   tuz
  (der) Hufschmied   Hoefsmit    
horseshoe   (das) Hufeisen   hoefyster    
a forge cuminus   smidse smitsvuur    
to forge extundo, procudo   smeden smee;    
forge coal
(blacksmith's or bituminous)
  bitumenhaltige Steinkohle   Steenkool   kovacsszen
hard coal
  (das) Anthrazit   Antrasiet    
(a) fuller, top     bolhamer Voller    
(a) hardie
(le) tranchet (d'enclume) (der) Schröter/Abschrot Schrootbeitel      
a hammer malleus (der) Hammer hamer hamer martelo kalapacs
ball pien
  (der) Kugelhammer   Bolkophamer    
cross pien
  (der) Schlosserhammer
a sledge hammer   (der) Vorschlaghammer voorhammer voorhamer    
set hammer   (der) Setzhammer zethamer      
hammer handle     hamersteel hamerseel    
iron ferrum   ijzer yster   vas
iron, cast
cast iron)
ferrum     gietyster    
iron, wrought
(wrought iron)
ferrum     smeeyster    
file, metal     metaal vijl metaal vyl    
hacksaw   Metall-Bügelsäge metaalzaag ystersaag   femfuresz
saw serra   zaag saag    
saw, band
serra     Bandsaag    
(metal saw)
serra (die) Bügelsäge
screw     schroef skroef    
steel     staal staal   acel
swage block     zaalblokken      
smith's tongs   Feuerzange smeedtangen smidstang    
blacksmith's vise
(leg vise)
  Schmiedeschraubstock bankschroef beenskroef    
Wolf Jaw Tongs   (die) Wolfsmaulzange wolfsbektang      
(a) punch   Durchschlag pons/doorslag pons    
weld   (die) Schweißung las Sweis   hegesztes
arc weld (ing)
torch welding   (der) Schweissbrenner lasbrander     gazhegesztes
lathe     draaibank draaibank   eszterga
English   Latin   German  Holländisch   Afrikaans  Portuguese Hungarian

  Afrikaans, Hungarian and Latin, machine translations by Neal Bullington.

Capitalization rule (SI English)
SI (System International, IE; metric) units of measurment named for a person are capitalized while others are not. The same rule should be applied to traditional units.

Capitalization rule German
Substantivs (names of anything) in german are all written with big first charakter.

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Chart I
English, French, German Italian, Spanish and Swedish.
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Daniel Vogel, Switzerland, German
Orjan Sandstrom, Sweden, Swedish
Olle Andersson, Sweden, Swedish
Frank Turley, New Mexico, Spanish
Werner M. Nijman, Netherlands, Dutch - Holländisch
Neal Bullington, German, Afrikaans, Latin
Virgilio Benoit, Germany, Additional translation sites and sources.
Tiaan Burger, South Africa, Afrikaans
Alessandro Konoscenza, Italy, Italian (yet to be posted)

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