Cover : Masters of Itialian Wrought Iron - I Maestri Italiani Del Ferro Battuto Giuseppe Ciscato

The Italian Masters of Wrought Iron
I Maestri Italiani Del Ferro Battuto

Preface by Simon Benetton, Introduction by Titto Perlotto

500 Pages, 1,100 images, 9-1/2 x 13 inches, Weight over 8 pounds
Includes English language supplement of preface and introduction.
Review by Jock Dempsey

THE Greatest difficulty in presenting this review was deciding which images to use from the thousand plus choices. All are beautiful and of top quality work. The range of work covered includes classical architectural fences and gates to modern sculpture and restoration work. The amazing thing is that this is all the work of living master artist blacksmiths from Italy alone. I had no idea Italy had such depth in the field of wrought iron work.

This book is in fact a portfolio of sixtyfour Italian Master Smiths. Every photo is a professional catalog or portfolio quality image of work that is outstanding. The images are rich with details to inspire architects, decorators and other smiths.

There are numerous pages showing how something is forged step by step. These are not detailed forging instructions but are designed to educate those unfamiliar with the the processes of forged ironwork and how it gets from a plain lump of iron to a work of art.

Other than the supplement the entire book is in Italian except the biographies of the artists, which are in both Itialian and English. Being a book primarily of beautiful images there is no language barrier.

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Slab from fireplace inspired from the DEVOUT letter M Erte Slab (fire back) from fireplace, forged sheet thickness 12 mm. By Artistica Ferro, inspired from the DEVOUT letter M Erte'.

Drawing by Simon Benetton, Screen with horses - Click for detail Drawing by Simon Benetton. Screen with horses.
Besides photographs there are also original design drawings of many of the pieces. In most cases the drawings are by the artist blacksmith but often they are by other artist designers.

The result is that you can see the difference between concept and realization. It also hints at the creative process and how these wonderfully creative works come to life.

There are many drawings by Simon Benetton as well as other great Italian artists. Many use color to give a feeling to the work that a line work drawing would not have otherwise.

Dragon ring device by Tiziano Matteazzi for XVI Century villa.

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210 - 211.

Dragon ring device - Click for more inforation.
Lion head by Bruno Corriani - click for enlargement Lion Head device by Bruno Corriani on fireplace andirons.

Click for more details from pages 28 - 29.
Reproduction lock
I have included this sample due to recent interest in our article on the
ABANA masterpiece lock and our
iForge series on Locks and Keys.

Click for complete details from pages
429 - 431.

Reproduction Lock

   SOMMARIO (30 sections)   Summary (Table of Contents)
prefazione di simon benetton   Preface by Simon Benetton
saggio introduttivo di tito perlotto   Introduction by Titi Perlotto
alari - attrezzi - piastre - ceste per camino   andirons - tools - firebacks - log racks
arredare con il ferro battuto   Wrought iron furniture
arredare il verde   Garden furniture
art funeraria   Funery art
arte sacra   Religious art
balconi c parapetti   Balconies and parapets
Sacred (religious) art
Sacred (religious) Art
Signs and Insignias
Signs and Insignias
cancellate e recinzioni   Fences and gates
cancelli carrai e pedonali   Privacy Gates
disegni - schizzi - idee - progetti   Designs - sketches - ideas - plans
i progetti di simon benetton scoltore in treviso   The plans of Simon Benetton, Treviso sculptor
dal progetto alla realizzazione   From the plan to the realization
elementi strutturali architettonici in ferro   Architectural structural elements in iron
ferri per porte - cardini - pincchiotti - maniglie - cerniere   Irons for doors - hinges - knockers - handles
fiori e piante   Flowers and plants
grate e inferriate   Grates and guards
insegne - icone - stemmi - banderuole   Signs - standards - coats of arms - banners
Sculptural Details
Sculptural Details
European architectural detail pages
European architectural details
lampade - fanali - appliques   Lamps - Chandeliers - sconce
letti   Beds
pannelli divisori   Dividing panels (Screens)
porte e portoncini   Doors
pensiline   Canopy or awning
porta ceri   Candle Stands
introduzione a restauro del ferro forgiato   Introduction to restoration of forged iron
ringhiere per scale   Stair railings
sculture forgiate   Forged Sculpture
sculture in lamiera sbalzata   Sculptures in hurled sheet
il ferro battuto al centro europeo di venezia   Wrought Iron at the European Center of Venice
biografie degli artisti   Biographies of the artists (Italian and English)

ALINEA editrice
Firenze, Italy

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