The last Anvil Makers print and painting by Nathan Green Click for detail image Click for large image Click for large image
The Last Anvil Makers
by Nathan Green

This is an original work commissioned by Richard Postman for Anvils in America. The painting was reproduced in color for the frontispiece of the book and on the slip cover of the second printing (shown above).

Limited edition prints are now available from the original pencil drawing. These beautiful lithographic prints are on heavy acid free archival paper in two sizes. Both sizes are numbered. There is a limited number of signed prints.

Large 16" x 20" (406 x 508mm), 1,000 total copies

$32 - signed
$24 - unsigned

Small 11" x 14" (279 x 356mm), 2,000 total copies.

$22 - signed
$16 - unsigned

Prices do not include shipping.

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anvilfire graphic (c) 1989 Patrick Dempsey
The anvilfire anvil started from a true scale CAD drawing of a friend's 350 pound Hay-Budden anvil. This had a scanned photo of fire, shading and texture added by Patrick Dempsey a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design.

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