Bob Terzuola
The Tactical Folding Knife

A Study of the Anatomy and Construction of the Liner-Locked Folder
Soft cover 8-1/2 x 11
160 Pages, 200 b&w photos
Review by John Neary

I take pen in hand to advise you of a book on knife-making by Robert Terzuola, who makes one-handed combat folders that go for around $400 and up. They are just lovely knives. I speak as the envious father of three owners of them. Terzuola has done a book which from the look of it is going to become classic in the field, in my opinion. If you want to build a hell of a knife, or know what goes into building one, and why anybody would undertake making that his life's work, this is the book to read.

I haven't met Terzuola, but I've read my reporter son Ben's profile of him a few years ago, and seen his work. Primo!

The illustrations the photographs and diagrams, are remarkably clear and informative. The illustrations amplify every step of the text in describing what is inevitably a complex and delicate process, from the first roughing-out of a design to fine-tuning it into a working pattern, selecting materials, fabrication of the blade, handle and the cross-lock, then the polishing and detailing necessary to achieve the finished knife. Then going beyond that to how to put special touches into the work to make a unique piece of craftsmanship.
Along the way, Terzuola generously shows us his shop layout, details the tooling in it, describes, and shows, the many specialized jigs and gadgets and gizmos that he has devised to help him produce knives as close to perfection as he can make them. Finally, he includes a listing of his tried-and-true suppliers.

Fig. 6: A view of the shop, where the author (Terzuola) feels most a home.

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