The Guru has helpers that have been given a distinct colored "voice". In the previous version of the guru's den all their text was both their color and bold. In this new version the guru and his "color guard" have color signature bars. Our CSI members group also has a color. Its currently dark blue.

   - guru (maroon).
  • Jock Dempsey, creator and webmaster at Blacksmith and machine designer. See the guru's bio for more information
  Frank Turley at Turley Forge (Silver)
  • Founder and operator of Turley Forge Blacksmithing School and a frequent demonstrator at craft schools, regional workshops, and universities. Welcomes the opportunity to present workshops of two days or longer, and will travel to any site that has a forge setup.
Turley Forge Blacksmithing School
     The Granddaddy of Blacksmithing Schools
     919-A Chicoma Vista
     Santa Fe, NM 87507
Classes are three week Intensives designed for beginning / intermediate. We work in three areas: scrollwork, toolsmithing, and various forms of hardware.

A brochure is available. Call, write or e-mail for more information.

   Robert Nichols AKA "quenchcrack" (dark green).
  • Metalurgist and PE. Twenty years experiance in the steel industry and recent manager of steel pipe mills. Took up blacksmithing to get true "hands-on" steel working experiance.
   Bruce R. Wallace of Wallace Metal Work (purple).
  • Full time professional blacksmith and equipment dealer. Produces both industrial and decorative work. Email WalmetaLwk @
   Bruce "Atli" Blackistone, asylum @ (Viking red)
  • Our historian and expert on medieval things is a full time Marklander Viking and master of the Longship Fyrdraca. He works for the National Park Service. - Famous sailing quote, "Death is "authentic," but not a particularly desirable outcome for an experimental voyage."
   Thomas Powers Thomas P (Forge Fire Orange)
  • Medievalist, techno historian, ex lucent software engineer (UNIX) and ace scrounger of old tools. Long time contributor to anvilfire and the best read medievalist in our group. My Creed: "Anything that doesn't burn is a forge, Anything that doesn't break is an anvil"
   MEMBERS of Cyber Smiths International (Dark Blue)
  • Our new support group. The members group helps financialy support anvilfire and keep this page open with their dues. Member's benefits include ad free pages, discounts in the anvilfire store and access to special areas.
  Retired gurus - no longer active : Gone but not forgotten

   Jim "Paw-Paw" Wilson 1940 - 2005 (OD green).
  • Former military, Jack of all trades and blacksmith. A Revolutionary and Civil War Re-Enactor. Answered all "who made this anvil" questions!
    Paw Paw's Forge
   John Neary AKA Cracked Anvil and Miles Undercut (Turquoise) Passed Friday, Oct 21, 2011
  • A humorist in our midst who wishes to remain pseudoanymous. He has been filling my mail box with his witticisms for years. Mail to Cracked goes to the -guru and may or may not be forwarded. Cracked has the ability to post here directly but many of his comments may have been edited prior to posting.

    He is also a great source of information but does not wish to suffer from a deluge of questions from fools and those too lazy to open a book.

  Grant Sarver (Salmon Pink) Passed January 1, 2012
  • DBA Off Center Tools
  • Manufacterer of Tongs and blacksmithing tool
  • Importer of forge parts and Induction Forges
   "grandpa" Daryl Meier of MEIER STEEL (spring green).
  • One of the worlds premier Damascus steel makers. Metalurgist to bladesmiths worldwide. Now in semi-retirement taking care of his vineyard.  
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