anvilfire Virtual Hammer-In Rules

"RULES! WHAT RULES? We don't need no stinkin' rules!"

  • The only thing we request of users of this page as on all our forums is civility (no foul language, no flaming). This is a public forum, women and children make use of it, so be polite. This is also an International forum visited by folks from over 100 countries, so lets not start any wars.

    Those who abuse the privilage of posting here will be banned and blocked from posting in all our forums permanently.
  • We request that you use your real name or initials (real nick names are OK) AND always use your true e-mail address.

    Children under age 14 are requested NOT to post their real name or age. Even though we blacksmiths are good people this IS a public place and not all people on the Internet are good people.

    ANTI-SPAM: This forum uses a new proprietary ANTI-SPAM system that prevents automatic "harvesting" programs from collecting e-mail addresses. Your e-mail address is encrypted and can only be used directly from this page. It is possible for spammers to manually launch a mail program for each address to collect it but that is time consuming and expensive. Therefore our system is not perfect but it does prevent the primary method of collecting e-mail addresses by spammers.

  • HTML tags (code) are not permitted in posts. The system filters out anything put between arrow brackets.
  • The new version of this page has a "hot link" feature. This hot link feature is a convenience for the users of this forum. Advertisements and links to pages outside the scope of this page, the current discussion or b latent advertising will be removed. SPAM will not be tolerated.
  • Forum Spam is not tolerated.
         We use language and other filters to prevent undesirable links.
         Spam postings that make it through our filters are deleted immediately.
         Spammers IP, username and email are reported to block list organizations.
  • Permitted Uses: (Just about anything related to blacksmithing)
  • Buying, selling, trading of metalworking tools and equipment. We would prefer dealers to purchase advertising space but we will not throw you out or censor your posts (let your conscious be your guide).

    Note that selling (and want ads to buy) have been moved to a better place, the anvilfire Tailgate

  • Swapping lies, telling jokes asking or giving advise. The Guru may put in his two cents worth, time permitting, but questions for the Guru should be posted on his page.
  • Posting notices of blacksmithing events or organizing same.

See, will really don't have any stinkin' rules!

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