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  • anvilfire is written in HTML requiring Frames (Netscape 2.x and later) and Java script (Netscape 3.x, IE 4.0). If you are having trouble viewing some of anvilfire's pages this may be the problem.

    If you are running anti-banner software or have Javascript or cookies turned off you may experiance problems viewing and navigating anvilfire.

    IF your browser does not support frames you are looking at a much less interesting anvilfire.

  • anvilfire is best viewed full screen (maximized) on a 640x480 monitor and works fine as a reduced window at higher resolutions. When using "chat" in the Slack Tub Pub it helps to use the full screen AND turn off some of your browsers menu bars. Temporarily turning off the "location" bar or both the location and "menu bar" in Netscape gives you 20% more screen space to view the chat and type into.

  • anvilfire previously took advantage of the "frames" environment to give you a fixed menu so that each page or document doesn't require a navigation bar. Currently all the pages are being redesigned and have a drop down menu in the header frame. This drop down menu includes all the main areas of anvilfire as well as links to associated pages and our advertisers. Some pages such as our FAQs page and Stories pages have a second drop down menu for subjects or chapters.

  • NOFRAMES - If you are using a browser that does not support frames we have a few links to the various index pages starting on the main page. Use your "back" button to back out of where you are or "history" button in your browser.

    We no longer support non-frames browsers and after many years have decided that we cannot affort to build and maintain seperate pages for different browsers and user groups.

  • Error 404 URL not found. If you ever receive this error it is because we have made a mistake in our links or an outside link has moved or disappeared. PLEASE, report this error or any other errors to the anvilfire webmaster and describe what you did as best as you can. Please report what browser you are using.

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