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RELEASE: The attached drawings and scanned images are provided to anvilfire.com for use on the Slack-Tub Pub, iForge and in future print publications copyrighted by Jock Dempsey or anvilfire.com. All rights including electronic rights reserved. For further details see:


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Draw your step-by-step illustrations in the boxes. They are close to screen box size and your drawings will look best drawn to this scale.

A number 2 pencil works fine.

Mark through those drawings that ypou do not wish to use. Number your drawings in the order of presentation AFTER finishing all the drawings. We will use your drawings in the form of:

figure 1. . . figure 2. . . figure 99

Scan the entire sheet at 100DPI, grey scale. Scan photos at 100DPI, 24bit color. E-mail the scans and digital photos to Kiwi or the guru to be processed. You may also cut and save individual images if you choose. If you do not have a scanner you may send the images and photos you wish to use by regular post.

Please attach one signed copy of this work sheet and release with each set of drawings and images.