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A wide variety of components are available from commercial sources. These include standard and special shaped punches and dies, die shoes, punch holders, dieset components and replacement guides and bushings.

All the punches shown are off the shelf including the long D-slot and the 60/90 notching punch and dies. The punch and dies in the foreground are ironworker parts from Cleaveland Tool. The larger blanking and notching sets came from Roper-Whitney and the smallest to the right from W.A. Whitney.

The guide bars and bushings are from Danly and are interchangable with a number of other manufacturers parts. Dieset guides are hardened and hard chrome plated. The bushings are hardened and ground steel made to a very precise fit. The guides come in various diameters and lengths and are made to press fit into standard dieset bases.

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R-W Die Shoe

Guides and Bushings

Punch Holders

Basic Dieset

Punch holders are used in presses and ironworkers designed for use without diesets. Those shown are special made but are typical of commercial style punch holders.

In fly presses and punch presses punch holders are used to adapt standard shank sizes and to extend the punch when necessary. Since most standard presses are designed with space for a dieset an extended holder is necessary when the punch is fitted directly to the ram.

Diesets such as the one shown can be made mostly from off the shelf components. This one has a standard base, top, guides, bushings and springs. The punch and die and die adaptor are also standard parts.

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