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Welcome to Emile's Links, a page for amassing links to anything to do with Blacksmithing and Foundry (plus some other stuff).

Emile (the author of this page) now has a new page and no longer maintains this one so we have taken over the task on anvilfire!

  • Sleepy Hollow Forge and Foundry (Formerly OK Forge) Blacksmithing in Olde Kinderhook, NY (Emile's new page)
  • Recent Listing!

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    Theforge Mailing list Info

    ABANA TheForge Info page Go here first if wondering about TheForge
    All Three Volumes of "Best of Theforge" Zipped - (257K)

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    ABANA the Artist-Blacksmiths' Association of North America homepage
    ABANA-Chapter.com Find your local chapter.
    Alphabet Soup Metalworking Acronyms and link list.
    BABA: British Artist Blacksmith Association
    LAMA: Louisiana Metalsmiths Association
    CVBG Central Virginia Blacksmith's Guild
    The Guild of Metalsmiths
    Forging Industry Association

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    Smithy Homepages

    Koka Metalsmiths Master Smith Bill Fiorini & Kirsten Skiles
    Tim Lively Knives Professional Knifemaker
    Moose Creek Forge
    MP Metalworks  Matthew Parkinson (swordmatt).
    Paw Paw's Forge Jim "Paw-paw" Wilson
    R. Walsh Gate & Railing
    Shady Grove Blacksmith Shop
    Spanish Lake Blacksmith shop
    Wrought Iron Solutions Mark Brown, blacksmith
    Dillon Forge, Roswell, GA

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    In Print

    Lindsay:Source for hard to find books
    Anvil Magazine
    Blacksmith's Gazette: Editor Fred Holder
    Blacksmith's Journal
    Bituminous Bits : The Journal of the Alabama Forge Council
    American Farriers Journal (AFJ) Magazine Online
    Traditional Metalsmith  A George Dixon publication

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    FOUNDRY101.COM Small home shop foundry info.   Recent Listing!
    Foundry 101 - Metal Casting Small Foundry Learning Site.   Recent Listing!
    Marshall's page
    Melting metal in a domestic microwave oven

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    Ironmaking, Smelting and Bloomeries

    The ROCKRIDGE BLOOMERY  How wrought iron is made by the bloomery process.
    More links from Lee Sauder, The Rockridge Bloomery
    American Mystery Furnaces 
    Museum of Welsh Life 
    Romano-British Iron 
    Fate of Chinese Ironmaking 
    Iron Smelting by Pit-Coal - Dud Dudley From a History of the Industrial Revolution
    Ancient hammers (XIX Century martinets) Helve Hammers in French
    Crucible steel on the 10th century Silk Road.
    The Dogon Blacksmiths of Mali, Africa
    ../Chemistry/Industrial/c00122c.html Chemistry of iron reduction
    www.heprefs.co.uk/bfdesign.html Color cross sections of blast furnace and refractories used

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    Coal - Charcoal

    First Anthracite Coal Burned in Grate by Judge Jesse Fell

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    Hardware and Suppliers

    Kayne and Son NEW Illustrated on-line catalog.
    Austrailian Blacksmith Supply
    Centaur Forge Blacksmiths & Farrier Tools, New management.
    CustomHammer.com Power hammers and Machinery
    Kick Wheel Pottery Supply Flux, clay, raw chemicals
    McMaster-Carr Supply Company
    Montague Blacksmith Supplies
    N A Z E L Parts and Service
    Jere Kirkpatrick's Valley Forge & Welding
    The Real Wrought Iron Co.
    www.forgemaster.com Gas Forges
    UNITED Forginghammers Beaudry, Bradley, Fairbanks.

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    Armour, Knives & Swords

    Armourers Ring Discussion Forum
    [ Welcome ] [ Messages ]
    www.jssus.org Japanese Sword Society of the United States
    Thai Aranyik Sword Backgound Krom Darb-Song-Mu, or "Sword in both hands".
    Valentine Armoury, Calgary Canada
    The Blade Society - where friendly people like to stick sharp pointy pieces of metal into one another and brag about it over food and drink!
    François PITAUD Knifemaker, French and English

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    General Blacksmithing

    a n v i l f i r e !: Got questions? Owner loves them!
    couteaux.free.fr/ Unbelievable collection of antique anvil photos. French
    If you don't read French, go to: Les Enclumes, c'est beau... je collectionne...
    and Photos d'enclumes d'amis
    Tim Lively Knives Knifemaking and How-to forums
    Blacksmithing TV
    Boatman Publishing: Site includes a Blacksmithing On-line Museum.
    OldLocks.com Locksmithing, old locks and keys.
    Elektric Anvil
    Fremlin's Forgery
    The Iron Rose: Functional and Decorative Blacksmithing
    Metal-Crafts Australia
    The Forge & Anvil Homepage:
    Queen City Forge

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