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Coat of Arms from the town of  Eskilstuna, Sweden
Volume 13 - Page 6 of 11
Southeast Conference Edition
Southeast Conference
Madison, Georgia, USA
Ward's gingo leaf in progress Ward's gingo leaf in progress. The little "blank" was provided by Big Bob. Three years later. . . Ward recieves a letter from the Armourer's Guild.

Congratulations, you are hereby. . .

Well, by then Ward had answered his own questions and had become an iron chisler extrodnair!

Lets hope that in the new millinium more people realize that "secret" techniques become lost only to be reinvented again. And, that trying to keep those secrets is only detrimental to humanity since every one of us should be the sum of what has come before us.
Carved Iron Bird Carved Iron Bird
Detail of a piece by Ward Grossman.
Detail of Sword in Eternal Struggle Detail of Sword in Eternal Struggle by Ward Grossman.
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