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Volume 3 - Camp Fenby Edition R.2
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Bruce Blackistone preparing to mix his famous Bourbon and Bleach "Super-Quench" assisted by Peter Lindbergh.
Hey folks, thats really water! But the real question is, Are these Vikings? The little forge in the foreground (and below) is Peter's take off on the Sandia Furnace.
WE VISIT the Markland, Vikings of the Longship Co. Markland is similar to the group we are most familiar with that play the medieval arms and armor games, the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronisms). However, Marklander's unofficial motto is "Not the SCA". Markland describes themselves as a medieval mercenary militia and hire themselves out at SCA events. They are more into historical reenactments of events such as the Battle of Hastings. They fill their ranks with more common folk than the SCA which is (I'm told) more concerned with titles and territories than the Marklanders. The Longship Co. is a group of Marklanders that style themselves as Vikings. They have a Viking Ship and a boat which they use for both group and public outings. Among them are several Blacksmiths including Bruce Blackistone whom got me involved with "Camp Fenby" through his announcement on anvilfire.

Camp Fenby is held on the Blackistone family farm in Southern Maryland and was billed as a crafts weekend with a Saturday evening Crab feast. I called it the "Crafts and Crab Fest". There was supposed to be a show of medieval Viking fighting for the Washington Post and I hoped to piggy back the picture taking but . .
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Peter Lindbergh of Laninberg, PA built this little single burner recurperative forge. This highly efficient forge was run all day and didn't make a dent in a 20 lb. bottle of propane! Notice the clip on air gate made of a small piece of aluminum channel. It is only leaving a 1/2 square inch (13x13 mm) opening for air to enter!

This forge is built with a stainless shell lined with 1" (25mm) of Koawool. The rear vent is lined with about 1/4". A half thickness refractory brick acts as a hearth and protects the Koawool from damage. Air rises in the flat intake that passes through the forges exhaust. A small orifice where the propane enters creates a venturi effect and draws air with it. This forge runs on 3-4 PSI of gas.
So where are the Ladies of Markland? I must appologize to the ladies of the Longship Company of which there were as many or more than the men. I am terribly sorry for my lopsided coverage of this event. I promise to do better in the future. -- Jock Dempsey
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