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Volume 3 Page 3 - Camp Fenby Edition
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Camp Fenby, continued from page 1
. . . but the medieval Viking fighting didn't happen. One of the fighters canceled and the Washington Post didn't show up. This miffed quite a few people but the Crab and Craft fest continued and everyone enjoyed themselves. About the only complaint was the heat and the mosquitoes which were also expected this time of year.

The roster of things to do besides blacksmithing were, Pit-fired pottery, Drop-spinning wool, Brocaded tablet-weaving, Felting, Silversmithing, Medieval woodworking in combination with a discussion on early looms & experimenting with making an early loom, Nalbinding and a Ship Experiment - riveting boards with copper rivets (R&D prep for possible ship repairs). As the attendence was light some items were passed over for others or whatever one was intrested in at the time.

The saturday evening crab feast was held out on a point with a beautiful view. This was my first time eating crabs and I must appologize to Lydia and Terese my table mates for my over energetic smashing of the crabs! The hard shelled critters took something less than a blacksmiths touch to crack their shells! The crab was great but an awful lot of work!

Following dinner there was the singing of songs about vikings, ships, sailors, SCAbians, and other ribald topics. Peter Lindbergh had headed home before dinner as he had a long trip home. During the singing Peter returned, having not gone far when he had an accident with his truck! He was unscathed but his truck was pretty rough. After telling his story and answering questions he sang some bluesy songs that were now perfect for the general mood. A memorable time was had by all.
Steve Spies working in Bruce's blacksmith shop making a set of tongs.
David Lawerence lecturing on Medieval wood working techniques.

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July 4th, 1998 - Camp Fenby Edition.
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