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Volume 4 - ABANA Late Edition - Page 13
Even More ABANA Photos!
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Vol. 3 Camp Fenby Edition  

A few of the items loaned to the ABANA conference by Steve Kayne & Sons

Antique goodies in the "tool crib" I tried to photograph these in the gallery but had technical difficulties with the digital camera (finicky. . .)!
Rare Trenton Double Screw Post Vise
Yep! Tool man heaven! Nooo, You can't tell I could have spent the whole time looking at the tools could you? Another fellow was looking at this vise at the same time as I was and asked if I had every seen one before. I said, "Only one, this one!" He said, "Yep, me too. Saw this one sold three times in one day and was never moved. The first fellow had it marked for $200 (??). A another fella' bought bought it and doubled the price. THEN another fellow bought it and marked it up again! . . . Yep, this is the only one I've seen.
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July 16th, 1998 - ABANA Late Edition.
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