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Volume 5 - PABA Edition - Page 12
Vol. 1 (May June JYH)
Vol. 2 ABANA - Vol. 4 ABANA Late Edition
Vol. 3 Camp Fenby Edition  
What has the Guru been up to?
Drilling holes (in situ) and helping manage this little job!

That's Claude standing in front of one of the little turbine flanges we are working on. Claude is one of Josh's hard working helpers. We've been increasing the number of bolts in the bolt circle from 16 to 48 on the outside and 16 to 32 on the inside. That's 128 3/4"-10 holes to be pilot drilled, tap drilled, counter drilled, chamfered and tapped! Every hole requiring repositioning of a 100 pound magnetic base drill press. Then there were the old holes to be redrilled oversize. . .
It took everyone to get these little 15,000 pound parts aligned.

That housing is the siphon for the turbine. A siphon turbine operates off water siphoned over the top of the dam. The advantage of this system is that you don't have to cut into an existing dam structure to install a turbine. The siphon is started by sucking the air out of the top of these tubes. You wouldn't think it would work but it does!
It was all this 85 ton crane could do to manuver the parts into position.

Meanwhile, Josh is clearing debris upstream with his trackhoe getting ready for the second unit to be installed. These parts will be welded to the turbine housings. Then gate operating and trash rack cleaning equipment will be built on top along with catwalks and a couple tons more steel parts.

Guess who the lucky fellow is that has to design all this while it is being built! : )
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August 30th, 1998 - PABA Edition.
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