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Volume 6 - AFC Edition - Page 8
Vol. 1 (May June JYH)
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Bill Epps talking about the problems of making this cute little humming bird.

Bill was a great demonstrator. He explains each step and does work that moves pretty fast. Like many of us he had definite opinions about how to do things.

Bill makes his own hammers with a diagonal pien. I had toyed with this idea years ago and was glad to see someone else had the same idea. The diagonal pien lets you fuller with the pien end without getting in an uncomfortable position. Be careful about them though. They are definitely right and left handed!

Bill also had a lot to say about handles. He makes his hammers to accept a standard hardware store handle. Then he chars the handle in the forge where he wishs to reduce it to fit his hand and wire brushes off the char.
Hummingbird close up
Bill kept saying this was mearly the "suggestion" of a humming bird but I thought it was pretty good for a piece forged from the end of a 1/2" bar while demonstrating.
Posing with his work
Bill was good about pausing for folks taking pictures. My digital camera's autofocus is slow as mud and Bill patiently waited until he heard the click of the "shutter". A lot of demonstrators could learn from this. Thanks Bill!

This rose was forged from about a 3/4" round bar. First the "stem" was forged then about 3" of stock was upset for the flower. The upset was marked off with a five pointed star and marked for forging. After marking the splits were cut nearly but not all the way through. Each petal was then spread in stages with hemispherical ended punches. As the stock spread, the petals seperated.
Humming Bird and Flower by Bill Epps
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September 15th, 1998 - AFC Edition.
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