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Volume 6 - AFC Edition - Page 18
Vol. 1 (May June JYH)
Vol. 2 ABANA - Vol. 4 ABANA Late Edition
Vol. 3 Camp Fenby Edition   Vol. 5 PABA Edition  
Tim Ryan from Gordonsville, Tennesee, was the head auctioneer and did a super job! Not only is he an excellent auctioneer he knows his iron! Tim is running again for the ABANA board of directors and should make an excellent member if he gets reelected.

Tim also gave a long speach begging you to please give some of the other blacksmith/auctioneers a chance. Both David Cornett and Ed Lancaster did excellent jobs. Call these guys!

David Cornett (back and below), one of Tim's assistants for the evening is also running for the ABANA board of directors.

For not being an national ABANA event there were a LOT of current and past board members at the AFC meet!
David Cornett
Is a professional artist blacksmith from Pine Mountain, Georgia.
Meg Russel acted as our "lovely Vanna" for the evening as Tim put it. Meg showed off the items being sold.
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September 15th, 1998 - AFC Edition.
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