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Volume 17 - Page 2 of 13 March 4, 2000
Anderson Blacksmith Shop Williamsburg Virginia Composite photo (c) Jock Dempsey
Welding 1c Chris Furr Forge welding. That's Mary Sperry rolling up his sleeves in the background. Colonial Williamsburg, VA:   February 18th was not bitter cold but it was cold and wet and mostly DARK. What promised to a day for great photo oportunities at the historic reconstruction turned out to be a day of dark blurry photos. Otherwise it was a great day and an event that I would recommend. Just bring fast film and a fast lens. Flash photos in this dark enviornment blind the smiths so it is NOT recommended.

This was a MASA (Mid-Atlantic Smiths) event headed up by Nick Vincent.

You could say the theme for the day was forge welding. Every 10-15 minutes a forge weld was being made at one of the three forges. Fluxless practice welds, butt welds and thin on thick welds. Of course, this being an 18th Century shop all the work was being done in wrought iron. When used, the flux was borax.

Notice the long non-branching weld sparks! Those long clean trails are from wrought iron. Sparks from steel branch like they do from grinding. space

My Appologies to the Williamsburg Smiths We try to get photos of all the demonstrators working. Bad lighting (the weather) and too much contrast (forge light in a dark shop) resulted in few usable photos. Thank you all for the great demonstrations.
  • Peter Ross, Master Smith
  • Ken Schwarz, Journeyman and shop manager
  • Trey. . . (last name ?)
  • Steve Mankowski**
  • Shelton Browder
  • Chris Furr*
  • Mark Sperry*
  • Nick Nulichek*
* Members of CVBG, Central Virginia Blacksmith's Guild
Thanks to Jerry Veneziano, CVBG and former Jamestown smith for names and identifiying folks.
** Added 3/26/200
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March 1st 2000 Edition
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