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Volume 17 - Page 6 of 13 March 4, 2000
CVBG - MASA meet at Dan Boone's Pannorama at the Boone's
4th Annual Dan Boone Hammerfest February 19, 2000 It was a beautiful weather and there was a great crowd. There were 4 demonstrators and members of CVBG, MASA, BGOP and the Williamsburg smiths attending. Dan and Judy had made up T-shirts for the event, they had a program for the non-smithing women and children, a great lunch and a hammer blow! The demonstrators were, Michael Walker, Nick Vincent, Bill Wojicik and Dan Boone.
Michael Wright Michael Walker* Demonstrated forging leaves from 1/8" steel plate. He starts with a plasma cut blank. Plasma and laser cutting is taking over in blacksmithing due to the clean cuts.

I missed the begining of his demo but it looked like he cut the "stem" about 3/4" to 1" wide and then rolled it up to create mass.

The plate was incised to show viens then folded up the center. After another heat it was clamped in the vise and opened up with a chisel. I do small leaves forged from bar this way and it is tedious work. Michael does large oversized leaves that are much easier to handle.
* Name correction, from Wright to Walker (sorry).

Finished Leaf The finished leaf - Michael says he collects leaves and studies them. He says to look at the feel of the life in the leaf so that you can put it into yours.

Michael was an intresting demonstrator and an exempliary example of a blacksmith that applies modern technology to traditional work.

Estucheons Display Pieces - Michael was showing off these intresting display pieces. They are assembled with the center stud and a spring clip so that they can be taken apart.

Each Estucheon is made from multiple pieces that would be held together permanently by the center stud that passes through a gate or door. Except fot the center stud these are made from 1/8" plate that is cut and forged. Stacked up they give the impression of great mass and complexity.

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March 1st 2000 Edition
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