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Volume 17 - Page 7 of 13 March 4, 2000
4th Annual Dan Boone Hammerfest - Continued
nick vincent Nick Vincent of Nathan's Forge was here for the second year in a row. Nick has a production hardware business and always has some tricks to show off.

Here he is forging the jaw offset for a small pair of tongs. When you have a fast Kuhn power hammer tong making is much easier!

We last covered Nick at the 1999 Boone Hammerfest in the 10th Edition of the NEWS space

Ball on a rod How many times have we had to do THIS?

Nick showed us a slick trick. A 5/8" Heavy Hex Nut was forced on a 1/2" rod. It was just a snug enough fit that it probably wrecked the threads in the nut. Then it was heated and forged in a 3/4" ball die. It takes longer the explain it than to do it! I expect this could be done in the middle of a bar too. The nut is not welded on but the threads mash into the bar and vise versa so that this is a very tight fit. It would probably weld on if you had a welding heat. Slick trick!

High Tech is Here to Stay

These hinge blanks are laser cut by the hundreds. The hinge loops rolled on a Donald Streeter type bender. The MIG welds are on the back and then the hinges are heated in the forge and dressed.

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Nick, you'll be indexed under Streeter again!
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March 1st 2000 Edition
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