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Volume 17 - Page 11 of 13 March 12, 2000
4th Annual Dan Boone Hammerfest - Continued
Daniel Boone put on his usual rapid pace demo forging leaves under his Kuhn in one heat and so fast it is either awesome or embarassing depending on how you look at it!

For those of you that don't know the Boone family, YES they are decendants of THE Daniel Boone and Dan is the father of Mike and Tom, both accomplished smiths.

That's our CVBG treasurer Jerry Veneziano to the right behind Dan and the short fellow to the left is Pete Robertson - a professional wheel wright and member of CVBG. space

Dan Boone Leaves Dan Boone leaf collection. Each of these leaves is forged under his Kuhn in a single heat. The curl in the one below occurs when the opposite side is stretched more than the first.
D. BOONE Touchmark on a door knocker.

Pipe Forging is another one of Dan's tricks. He heated a short piece of pipe, quenched the ends so the middle was hot and the swelled the center by hammering axialy under the Kuhn.

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March 1st 2000 Edition
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