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Volume 19 - Page 3 of 11 May 8, 2000
BGOP Spring Fling 2000
Report by Jim Paw-Paw Wilson
Photo (c) 2000 Jim Wilson
Mr. Frederick Duckworth of Waldorf, Maryland made these Sculptures from schedule 40 pipe.
Photo (c) 2000 Jim Wilson
Tedd Harris examines a small part of the Iron In The Hat table.
Photo (c) 2000 Jim Wilson Uri Hoffi's demo was well attended, as always. space Northern Virginia, April 15   What is it about drizzly mornings that makes it so hard to get up? The urge to just roll over and go back to sleep is SO hard to resist. But when you're at the BGOP Spring Fling, that's not an option. In fact, it didn't even occur to me! (grin)

Yes, it drizzled most of the day saturday, and it rained on Sunday, but the rain didn't dampen anyone's spirits!

The demonstration tents were crowded, the demonstrators were great! space

The food was good, the Iron in the Hat never ceases to amaze me. There were at LEAST 8 tables FULL of items donated. My wife keeps me on a strict budget when it comes to buying tickets, and it's a good thing she does!

I think the tail gate area was even bigger than last year! I did a quick walk through, and counted 55 anvils sitting out in the open. I'm sure there were more that hadn't been un-packed yet. Swage blocks of all kinds, five or six cone mandrels, you name it, if it could be used in a smithy, it was there. I could have easily fitted out and set up a dozen shops, just from the back of the Steve Kayne and family van!

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