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Volume 19 - Page 7 of 11 May 8, 2000
Tony Bartol WINS!
Junk Yard Hammer Photo Contest
Tony Bartol's JYH
Force to 300

Dan Dreyer's ProtoB2
A tough decision But this was a PHOTO contest. I was hoping to get one REALLY good professional photograph OR one with an irresistable blond model posed with the hammer so it would be an easy decision!

Although Dan's hammer has the start of a pretty paint job and looks to be a wonderfuly well built machine, I had to adjust the photo quite a bit to make the parts visible. The black parts against the spotfaced guides are still difficult to see. This was a tough thing to photograph due to the high contrast. The angle of view doesn't show off the hammer very well or clearly display the mechanism.

Tony lucked out (or used a better camera) and had good lighting and exposure on another difficult to photograph subject. No adjustments have been made in contrast or exposure. The machine is unpainted but the parts are clean and well defined photographicaly. The angle of view shows off as much as possible for one view.

Neither photo had what I'd call a suitable background so my cutting them out didn't affect the outcome. Both machines and the articles provided with them will be posted on the JYH page later in the week. Congratulations Tony!

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