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Volume 19 - Page 10 of 11 May 8, 2000
The Calgary Stampede The Calgary Stampede, Alberta, Canada July 6-10, 2000
The Stampede is not just wrangling and horseshoeing, its blacksmithing of all types.   Are YOU game for the
World Championship Creative Forging Competition?
space The Creative Forging class has been expanded to include a three part test that will allow contestants to showcase their talents in a comprehensive fasion. Points do not apply to Championship standings. Entry Fee $50.

$2500 Overall Purse: Champion wins $1000! Ribbons and prizes will be awarded for all three phases.

Phase One of the test requires contestants to bring an article of their own work to be presented and judged by jury. Details - next page

Phase Two Scroll Panel (drawing below). Time limit 30 minutes. Made from a piece of 40 inch (1000 mm) piece of 1/4" x 3/4" (6mm x 19mm) flat stock. The finished panel must fit inside a 7" x 14" (178 mm x 356 mm) frame. This test allows the blacksmith to demonstrate their ability to work to a pattern under time constraints and tests forge welding skills. Scroll tongs and turning forks may be used in this test but the use of bottom tools (ie. hardy hole jigs) is prohibited. Hot rasping is not permitted.

There will be a short break to rebuild your fire and then the third phase of Creative Forging will begin. Phase Three - next page space

Stampede 2000 test sample
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