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Volume 20 - Page 8 of 11 June 26, 2000
The Twelfth Annual Batson Bladesmithing Symposium & Knife Show
April 7-9, 2000   Report by James Wolfe
Photos by Jim Wolfe (c) 2000 Kenny Rowe of Hope, Arkansas displayed leather sheaths of all colors, designs and sizes and demonstrated how to fit, cut and sew the sheaths. These durable sheaths were both decorative and functional. The perfect companion for any handmade knife.
Photos by Jim Wolfe (c) 2000
Photos by Jim Wolfe (c) 2000 Photos by Jim Wolfe (c) 2000
A special personal thanks to Billy Watson of Deatsville, Alabama (sorry no picture of Billy) and the Montgomery Forge Council for providing the equipment and instructions for "hands on" basic forging. This was a place for beginners and all to try their newly learned skills out and get help on points they had missed.
Photos by Jim Wolfe (c) 2000

Cliff Ohlenburger (in the background) showed us how to weld and make knives out of cable. Cliff is a member of the Montgomery Forge and Wiregrass Forge in Enterprise, Al.

Photos by Jim Wolfe (c) 2000
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