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Volume 26 - Page 10 of 15 June 2002
ABANA Conference 2002
BIG anvils! Who REALLY has the "Worlds Largest Anvil?"
WHEN You go to an big blacksmithing conference you may see all sorts of wonderous things. Lately GIANT anvils have become the rage. I think its time we go for beauty and functionality instead of just HUGE! I'd offer to be a judge but I want to be a contestant in the contest!
Ray Davis, CSI member, next to his "mile long" anvil. Wt. 5,280 pounds!
Photo by Spencer Meffert (c) 2002 "Worlds Largest Anvil" it says:
48" Tall 7'10 Long, Face 20 x 52, Wt. ??? ABANA 2002 (its hollow, a barbeque grill)
Anvil 2000, Photo by Spencer Meffert (c) 2002 Anvil 2000: 2,135# cast steel. 24-2/3" tall, 62-5/16" long 10-1/4" face. Cast for Lee Liles. Christened by Richard Postman at a dedication ceremony.
Ray Davis of Palestine, TX fabricated his anvil from solid steel with through welds in many places. Its called the "mile long" anvil because its so big AND it weighs the same in pounds as feet in a mile. No, it wasn't at the ABANA conference.

The "World's Largest" above is actualy a barbeque grill. The "weight ??" is a joke. Its hollow.

Anvil 2000 was made to be the "world's largest" working anvil by Lee Liles but got beat out by Ray Davis. The anvil barbeque grill is also Lee Liles'.

Folks will argue that the "cast steel" is the real thing and the fabricated is not. . but anvils were "fabricated" for a thousand years before cast steel. . . Ray Davis wins for now.
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June 2002 Edition
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