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Roller Guide JYH - Built by Robert Brothers
Roller Guide Junkyard Hammer:

I took a different approach in the design of some of the components. The ram runs on rollers, thereís not near the drag with this setup as compared to a guild setup on a little giant. The linkage can be easily adjusted for die height and spring tension by backing out or tightening the bolts. I used grad 8 bolts for the linkage. This linkage self adjusts like the others but in a straight line, no need for toggle arms. I donít know if a linkage similar to or the same as was ever used on the commercial hammers or not but it does work very well. The ram weighs in at 57# and the anvil weighs 650# and with the base weighs 880#.

After giving my new hammer a full workout I felt that I should give you an update.

Iím a custom knife maker so 90% of my forge work is making Damascus. I had a late model 250# little giant that I had to take out of service this year and being the only hammer that I ever ran this is what I am comparing the junkyard hammer to. Both hammers have flat dies. Hammer control, at the little giants very best - it would not run all day without oiling the blocks or doing some fine adjustments - did I have the control that I have with the differential setup.

Forging capacity, I had a stack already made up that I would normally run under the little giant 2 ľ by 2 Ĺ by 8-inch. This took about 3 times as long to draw out too 3/8 by 2 by 48-inch bar as it would have with the big hammer. I did notice that once the work piece got to Ĺ-inch thick, that this hammer moved the steel about two times faster than the little giant. That big hammer really shined on the thick stuff but lost it big time on the thin stuff. If I keep the work pieces to 1 to 1 Ĺ-inch square the junkyard hammer will do close to the same amount of work as the 250# little giant that I had.

This hammer is the first part of a three part forging center, hammer, hydraulic press, and rolling mill. If I didnít have most of the parts for the rest they would not be added, this hammer is that good. I canít say thank you enough for the information you have on your web site. I would not have this hammer without it.


  • Hammer weight 57 lbs.
  • Horse Power ~1/2 HP
  • Clutch - Auto differential with cable operated brake.

COMMENTS: The notes above about performing as well as a 250# Little Giant must be taken into the perspective of the particular work being done. A 250# Little Giant properly setup and adjusted will really move some metal. But it may have been too much hammer for Robert's needs. This also goes to show why many shops that start with one power hammer often end up with several to cover a variety of work.     - guru
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