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The Plumbing The valves are made from ordinary plumbing material.
One is a foot valve, we use on a pump, so the water can't run back into the well or sump.
The pressure valve is a brass plumbing thing, I threw a steel ball (from a ball bearing) in it, a soft spring and put on top an adjustable nut.

The plastic drink bottle is a temporary oil trap and exhaust muffler. The black cylinder on top contains a filter covering an intake valve.

Generally, planning the plumbing arrangement of a self contained hammer is one of the most difficult parts of the design. Due to varying pipe thread engagement you cannot hard plumb from point to point on a machine. Somewhere you must have flexible hose or compression fittings.
Valves (Left):

The manifold at left was welded due to space limitations. The lower valve is the exhaust. The valves are arranged so that when one is opened the other is closed. The brass valve on top is a pressure release used to adjust the up stroke of the hammer.

I would face the valves with the bonnets outward and use a heavier linkage attached to the treadle and frame so that it could not load the valve handles directly.
Lubrication System (Right):

Due to the many continuous running parts most self contained hammers have a lubrication system. Patrick has done a fine job of fitting one to his machine. System vacuum feeds the oil.

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