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Shock Absorber Hammer - Built By Shannell Sugrue
Familiar Parts? Auto axel, engine block, shock absorbers, motor pulley.

Down Load JYH-au.mpg (VIDEO)
Warning this is a 482Kb download

Two pics of my hammer: Its still unfinished but useable. Things to do : put plate anvil on top , more rail sleepers for the sides to raise it up a bit , more tooling and paint.

I came up with this idea after seeing the similiar hammer on anvilfire with the diff above the block but wanted a lower smaller hammer , I like it because its got a very low center of gravity , its reasonably short with the diff poking through the block ,and no need to make up any guides as I used the block's main bearings with a slot in the shaft to keep it running straight , and a conrod with off set gudgeon pin for the linkage. It has 1hp motor and cost me about $120 aust all up.

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