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Catalog of User Built Hammers
The "Emerald City" built by Ted Banning assisted by Jeff McCrady

A plannishing hammer for sheet metal work in an armoury.

The mechanism is a small punch press with counter balanced springs driving the ram. The ram is quided by roller blade wheels.

The key words above are SMALL punch press. Less than 2 tons max. Note that a punch press cannot be made into a power hammer. In this case the crank is being used to raise and lower a floating ram where very little force is needed.

All the component pieces were scrap including the 1-1/2 ton bench master power punch we used (we found it in a junk pile and paid $7.00 for it). Ted set up an opposing spring assembly for shock and we used $0.99 rollerblade wheels in our guide assembly. The head weight is variable from 10 to 25 lbs. and makes quick work of up to 12ga stainless. (we love it!!!!!) we have half a dozen choices for the bottom die ranging from a flat to an eight inch diameter ball.

Right, Arty shot of the hammer. Put a couple fantasy guys together with a bunch of junk and what do you get? A power hammer from the Wizard of OZ . . . and photos that are impossible to see exactly what is going on. But hey. . . it works.

I saw it at the 2004 Armour-In and it beat the heck out of manual plannishing.
Ted with Hammer 2004 Armour-In

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