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Nazel 5B Self Contained HD Air Hammer
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Nazel 5B Photo (c) 2000
This beautiful hammer was destined for our shop.   It has had practicaly no use as it was the larger of a pair in a maintenance shop where the smaller hammer was a Nazel 3B.   Due to the slow exonomy we are forced to sell this machine at a sacrificial price.

This is a heavy duty 5B with a heavy ram (716 pounds) and heavy anvil.   There was no better built forging machine than the Nazel.   Complete with dies and 3PH 240/480 VAC motor.


Priced to sell at $9,495 OBO. SOLD!

Serious inquiries only. No reasonable offer refused. This hammer is currently in our warehouse and the price given includes all rigging and loading charges.
CALL: Bruce Wallace - 610-756-3377
Kempton, PA 19529
E-Mail us at:
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